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In Memoriam:

The ISRN joins the family in grieving the loss of Meta Dimitrijevic:



Dr. Marija “Meta” Dimitrijevic MD, beloved wife, mother, and grandmother, died peacefully on November 6th, 2017. She was born on March 31st, 1927 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Yugoslavia.

Meta graduated from the University of Ljubljana College of Medicine in 1954. She completed her residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and was responsible for the development of the spinal cord injury center at the University Rehabilitation Institute of Slovenia. In 1974, she joined the faculty at Baylor College of Medicine and later traveled to China with Doctors Without Borders. As the author of 34 research papers in peer-reviewed professional journals, Dr. Dimitrijevic was internationally recognized for her work in the field of external control of paralyzed movement and the development of functional electrical stimulation. Meta also pioneered the mesh glove and mesh stocking stimulation for amelioration of paralysis after stroke.

Meta is survived by her husband Dr. Milan R. Dimitrijevic MD PhD, daughters Maja Dimitrijevic and Danica Tyler, son-in-law Jim Tyler, and grandchildren Billy Tyler, Michelle Tyler and Jadyn M. Flagg.

 A memorial service will be held at 2 pm on Sunday, December 17th, at the Chapel of St. John the Divine Episcopal Church, 2450 River Oaks Boulevard, Houston, TX 77019.

In lieu of flowers, the family welcomes memorial gifts to the International Society for Restorative Neurology, PO Box 131, Patterson, NC 28661, or the charity of your choice. (Click here to contribute online.)



 re·stor·a·tive neu·rol·ogy – 


“the branch of neurological sciences which applies active procedures to improve functions of the impaired nervous system through selective structural or functional modification of abnormal NEUROCONTROL  according to underlying mechanisms and clinically recognized residual functions.”*


Recent Achievements in Restorative Neurology. 1. Upper Motor Neuron Functions and Dysfunctions. Editors: Sir John Eccles, Milan R Dimitrijevic. Basel: Karger 1985. Chapter 1. Dimitrijevic, M.R. Restorative Neurology: Introductory Remarks. pp 1-9.