Welcome to the International Society for Restorative Neurology Home Page! We wish to provide a form for the exchange of ideas related to restorative neurology, and invite you to join us in this quest. We further invite you to explore our website to find copies of the presentations at the inaugural meeting, comments from our new President, and links to forthcoming meetings. Your comments and suggestions are welcome as we inaugurate this new society. We look forward to hearing from you.

Breaking News

President Tang announces the Second Meeting of the ISRN

Newest Board Member, David Cifu

The Board of Directors welcomes its newest member, Dr. David Cifu, to its ranks. Dr. Cifu has a distinguished career in rehabilitation, and serves as the director of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Service’s Rehabilitation Medicine Service, as well as serving as the Chairman and Herman J. Flax, M.D. Professor of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Virginia Commonwealth University.


re·stor·a·tive neu·rol·ogy - 


“the branch of neurological sciences which applies active procedures to improve functions of the impaired nervous system through selective structural or functional modification of abnormal NEUROCONTROL  according to underlying mechanisms and clinically recognized residual functions.”*


Recent Achievements in Restorative Neurology. 1. Upper Motor Neuron Functions and Dysfunctions. Editors: Sir John Eccles, Milan R Dimitrijevic. Basel: Karger 1985. Chapter 1. Dimitrijevic, M.R. Restorative Neurology: Introductory Remarks. pp 1-9.