Mission and Vision

The International Society for Restorative Neurology (ISRN) was created as the culmination of several generations and decades of work in the developing field of Restorative Neurology.  The ISRN is an international collaborative network of physicians, therapists, scientists, engineers, educators and philanthropists with the desire and expertise to move the field forward. The purpose of this collaboration is to encourage innovations and to coordinate activities related to clinical practice of Restorative Neurology.

The mission of ISRN is to foster an environment for advancing knowledge in the field of Restorative Neurology through understanding of mechanisms of neurologic impairments, challenging unproven practices, and developing new interventions and assessment methods to facilitate the translation of discoveries into the clinical arena.  The vision of the Society is to lead the field in the direction that promotes confidence in the theory, methods, and clinical practice of Restorative Neurology in order to restore neurologic functions and quality of life.