Equipment List

To conduct the brain motor control assessment protocol, one needs a system capable of recording multiple channels of surface electromyographic (sEMG) data.


1. 2 KHz sampling rate per channel (minimum) with 16 differential channels

2. 30 Hz to 500 Hz filter bandpass

3. common mode rejection 90 db

4. input impedance more than 100 M?

5. minimum gain of 1000

6. calibration input for amplifier testing before each recording

7. capability to record ±1 V level DC signals from sensors

8. trigger input and output for evoked event recording

9. manual event marking with auditory (and visual) cuing

silent marking of passive events and sensor inputs

fixed cues of 3 sec and 5 second lengths


Data recording software
1. Stripchart display during data acquisition (free-running)
2. ‘on-the-fly’ annotation entry (adding annotation during recording)
3. Saving data into wdq format (